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Yeah, clearly Vytas had an agenda going into that last vote. And he plead his case and went with Monica.

I mean, how embarrassing! Kat and I are doing good. Why is Kat telling me and the national television audience all about her boob job? She was prodded a little bit by Jeff.


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Who do you think won the award for most shameless Reunion show Twitter plug, you or Aras? I was just throwing it out there to get a few more followers. Aras got his username in there. He planned his out strategically.

I was just tossing it to the wind and going with it. So, first of all, my facial hair is horrible. But I got back to Ponderosa and shaved everything except the stache because I wanted to see what I looked like.

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How could you not be? So I shaved everything but the stache and thought, you know what? So I went with it, man, and it was disgustingly horrible. Hayden, inquiring minds want to know: Did you rustle any feathers at the Reunion? Rustling feathers is a new term that is going to live on forever, hopefully.

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Clearly I was wrong in the context of that argument, but I think it works. But no, the reunion was all hugs and kisses. Is there anything in particular you look at and think, oh if I had just done this or NOT done that? Yeah, there was one point in the game where we could have voted off Tyson.


And on the other side it was Tyson, Gervase and Monica. And the five of us talked about potentially voting off Tyson.

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His nickname within his alliance was "The Animal. In , Moss was a contestant on Survivor: Water , the 27th season of Survivor , along with his girlfriend Kat Edorsson, who had previously competed on the show's 24th season, Survivor: Kaoh Rong , the 32nd season of Survivor.

'Survivor' finale Q&A: Hayden

Caleb later returned for Survivor: Moss was initially placed on the Tadhana tribe along with the game's other new players. Edorsson was voted out while the two were on separate tribes; yet when presented with the option to allow her to take his place in the game, he stayed put on his tribe and she was eliminated after placing last in a challenge. Together, under Apostol's leadership, everyone on the tribe, except for Baskauskas, formed an alliance, under the common bond of having their loved ones voted out already.

At the merge, the core alliance of five stayed together and successfully eliminated Baskauskas and his brother Vytas, as well as Tina Wesson , and Eastin's mother Laura Morett for the second time. However, at the urging of Bankston, Moss decided that it was best to attempt to overthrow Apostol as a clear threat.


Their first attempt failed, since they were unable to convince Eastin to flip against Apostol, and when the two of them, along with Wesson's daughter Katie Collins, attempted to vote out Eastin, Bankston was eliminated instead. With Bankston gone, Moss took control of the outsiders' alliance and finally convinced Eastin to vote with him and Collins against Monica Culpepper.

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  • However, this resulted in a stalemate of two consecutive tied votes, which led to Collins' elimination after a rock draw. With no one else left to turn to, Moss and Eastin tried to convince Culpepper to join them in eliminating Peterson as a final effort against Apostol, but she refused. Moss was voted out at the Final Five, and after losing the Redemption Island duel, came in seventh place as the fifth jury member. Eastin was eliminated next, completely ending Moss's alliance.