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I don't even remember what the movie was about.

I must have been 16 or so. Yes, I am talking about Kim Kardashian, who her now-husband Kanye was crazy for long before they started dating in According to Huffington Post , the pair apparently first crossed paths in , when Kardashian was working as a stylist for Brandy, but she was dating her brother Ray J at the time.

And it seems that over the years, the couple had a lot of random meetings but the timing was just never right. In , West hinted that he was always in love with her during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. But before Hayden was on the scene, P. Henson hinted that she once dated a fan. I want a life partner. I had a guy, but cut to the chase. They fall for the lady on-screen. Maybe get off the Northern Continent. I know you just cannot have two narcissists together.

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Too blessed to be stressed. A post shared by Steve Harvey iamsteveharveytv on Nov 18, at 3: She was clearly a fan of his if she was at his show, but that feeling was mutual within seconds.

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According to Essence , in , the pair met at a Memphis comedy club. The publication quotes him as saying, "Before a man can be of use to a woman Lee Ryan is one of the members of the British boy band, Blue who were pretty popular in the early s. He reportedly met his fan, Samantha Millar, after she contacted him on MySpace and began sending him suggestive photos.

It clearly worked, because the pair were together for seven years and reportedly engaged for two years. They also share a son!

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But things ended very badly. In , Ryan made headlines for allegedly attacking Millar while in a car in the West End of London. Assault charges were rumored, which according to the BBC , he denied, and according to The Telegraph were later dropped. However, in , according to The Sun , Millar spoke out about the relationship and claimed that Ryan had been unfaithful and also mentally abusive. But the worst was the mental abuse.

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According to J , he told Disney Dreaming that he's apparently open to dating fans, saying, "Yeah, I would [date a fan]! Andy Warhol famously coined the phrase " 15 minutes of fame " in reference to a short-lived publicity. Certain "15 minutes of fame" celebrities can be average people seen with an A-list celebrity, who are sometimes noticed on entertainment news channels such as E!

These persons are ordinary people becoming celebrities, often based on the ridiculous things they do. Certain people are only remembered today because of a movie portrayal, certain story or urban legend surrounding their life and less for their accomplishments. Antonio Salieri was a famous and well-known 18th-century composer, but his fictional portrayal as an antagonist for example, in the musical and film Amadeus has been more famous than his music since the end of the 20th century.

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and O. Simpson are more notorious for their association with murder trials than for their respective movie and sports careers. Centuries after his death, Andrea Mantegna is now better known as the mentor of Leonardo da Vinci than for his own paintings. John Cleese said being famous offers some advantages such as financial wealth and easier access to things that are more difficult for non-famous people to access, such as the ability to more easily meet other famous or powerful people, but that being famous also often comes with the disadvantage of creating the conditions in which the celebrity finds themselves acting, at least temporarily although sometimes over extended periods of time , in a superficial, inauthentic fashion.

Common threats such as stalking have spawned celebrity worship syndrome where a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity's personal life. However, it was remarked that the reasons for this remained unclear, with theories including innate tendencies towards risk-taking as well as the pressure or opportunities of particular types of fame. Furthermore, some have said fame might have negative psychological effects, and may lead to increasingly selfish tendencies and psychopathy.

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Regular Teens Who Dated Famous Celebs

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These 20 actors are proof that, when it comes to love, the heart wants what it wants. Damon had been shooting the movie Stuck On You in Miami, Florida, when he visited a local bar where Luciana Barroso was working behind the counter. They struck up a conversation, which led to a date, which led to a marriage. This notorious ladies man swore off marriage after getting divorced at a young age. The couple wed in However, that was a year ago, and neither has tried to move forward with filing. For Saldana, privacy is paramount. In , this Friends star married her long-time boyfriend, Michael Stern, who was otherwise an outsider in the celebrity world.

To Kudrow, it was more important to marry someone who knew her before she was famous than to bag a celebrity hottie spouse.