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The dialogue has a bit of bite to it too, which is nice. The cameos so far are awesome - Lee Yoon-ji and Taemin! For completely different reasons of course. Taemin's acting is terrible, as Byung-hoon noted in a hilarious meta moment, but then as Min-young retorts, he SHINes so brightly it's hard to care forgive me for that, I couldn't resist. And Yoon-ji is just wonderful in everything. Her scenes with Sooyoung made me wish their roles had been reversed, but I'm not unhappy with Sooyoung.

She's very likeable onscreen, which goes a long way, and her acting is serviceable at least. And I think you're right, gummi, in predicting a bad end for Taemin, er, Ray's love. I wonder how that will affect the Agency and Byung-hoon's brach confidence. Is anyone else getting the idea that Seung-pyo is actually Byung-hoon's best friend from the flashback, or at least knew him in high school? Otherwise why is a grown man hanging around a high school and taking pictures while the students are there, like a pervert?

I have a feeling they loved the same girl or something. I really wish it's something a bit less overdone than that. I love Sooyoung, and she does good job, but I kinda wish the roles had been reversed. But then again, if we go by the movie, Minyoung is supposed to be quite younger than Byunghoon. So I don't think Seungpyo's is the best friend Ah okay, I missed that about the theatre owner.

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In that case I think you're probably on the money about Seung-pyo. And I felt sadness for A Rang as I don't know if he'll get the girl as he seemed rather oblivious to her and with his agency actively working against his potential romance I really like the sunny disposition of A Rang and the job that the actor who portrays him is doing.

He's, by far, the one I root for the most. I had a feeling she was looking at Arang out the window when Taemin was dancing. I also think that Arang might actually like her back, but never said anything I guess we'll find out in episode 4. I also hope he doesn't get hurt I am liking this more than I thought I would. Yes, it's breezy and cute, and has Taemin all grown up and manly-ish, but has something else, darker, that keeps pulling me forward.

The interest between BH and MY is there and growing. One side reluctantly and the other because of curiosity. She still seems too young, and I don't mean age but maturity, but so was Emma to Mr. I'm loving this drama so far! I like how they changed Minyoung character so it's different from the suave Minyoung in the movie.

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It's works better this way for a drama. The thing is, now I'm more interested in the back story of Cyrano Agents and mysterious Master than the client's story. I still enjoyed every minute of it, though. Solid drama is solid.

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As soon as Se Kyung walked into the theater, I knew exactly what she was intending to do. I can't believe Ah Rang had no clue she liked him. I guess working in Cyrano has yet to teach him to be more perceptive to the opposite sex. It was funny how legitimately surprised Min Young was in finding out Ah Rang was a high schooler. And oh so cute how excited Ah Rang was to see his noona waltzing into his class. Wow, TaeMin cannot act. I find Shinee as a whole can't act.

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I say as I await Onew's new sitcom. I haven't seen any of OnKey's musicals, but 2Min hasn't impressed me with their acting. I just love this While watching the series, I didn't see Sooyoung as the idol but, rather, the Minyoung who's so lovable and so funny here I usually only rooted for one character whenever I watch a drama that have so many characters It was obvious to me, the moment she put the schoolwork on his desk and called him out on not coming to school often enough, that Se-kyung was crushing on Arang.

I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop with her confession. I like that the team may be faced with a task they may be unable to solve. It throws a wrench into their well-oiled machine. I'm still not sold on the relationship between Byung-hoon and Min-young. There's a fifteen year age difference between the actors. It's a little off-putting for me, because he just looks so much older. Maybe I'll warm up to it, if that's where we're headed, but no promises. But despite that, I enjoy this show so much. I'm a little sad that this drama isn't getting as much love on DB e. I guess not enough people have given it a try yet: Anyway, I love this drama because of its little moments in between, and how it chooses to unveil its stories.

Anyway, I got a little sidetracked. The in between moments I was referring to refer is Moo Jin. I love how the show uses the ever silent Moo Jin as an opportunity to almost let us, the viewers, pan the camera around and just observe without being directed by dialogue. Moo jin, even though silent, should not be passed off as a filler character.

He really gives this show that special, contemplative beat. Moo Jin's rubik's cube is all one color, right? Or is it the lighting in the theater, which is where we see him fiddling with it in one hand. He hasn't done anything genius-like so far, which is what the whole rubik's cube thing is supposed to imply in the most obvious way ever. But if it's all one color, what's the point? If it was meant to be a sight-gag for us or a fake-out, why keep showing it? Poor taemin he really can't act.

His timing when he hit Arang was so off it felt akward to watch. Buy his cheekbones are always glistening so that's a plus! I am loving this drama more and more: D I really hope that it isn't going to disappoint me like the other Flower Boys dramas because heck, I lost interest with all of them after episode Anyway, I am really happy that Min Young isn't some kind of submissive woman always weeping when she got yelled at and I hope she will stay that way even if she is in relationship because she is amazing that way.

I love their bickering scenes. Their chemistry is so hot despite having a large age difference. It means that both actors portray their characters well. I'm really glad that Sooyoung chose that project because she really shines in that role.

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I think it wasn't really the shirt which was torn up but more like a bra? Because he talked about how she shouldn't act like she had "some". Or am I just confused?

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Anyway, I want to add that I like the fact they don't toss aside the other agents but really make some developements about them: So many flower boys who can also act! Dreams do come true Red Moon, Blue Sun: Don't call my K-drama a soap. Clean With Passion for Now: Haechi stars Jung Il-woo as a problematic Prince Yeongjo on quest for justice. Memories of the Alhambra: Pretty Noona cast and crew may reunite for another warm melodrama. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Dating Agency Cyrano Favorite. Cynthia June 5, at 8: Yana June 5, at 7: Skyblaze77 June 6, at 7: I'm really having fun watching this.

Thanks for the recap.

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Retrieved April 16, Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved May 24, Archived from the original on June 25, Retrieved June 20, Cyrano Cast Talks of Manipulating Romance". Archived from the original on March 30, Retrieved March 30, I find the ratings for the drama and others in enewsworld.

This is an accurate source but somehow, I find it a little bit weird that the drama got low ratings whereas it was talked a lot on TV and featured many articles. Oh well, I'm just thankful for tvN to produce such great drama and they didn't change the story because of ratings like some This is one drama I could just never get interested in. Not that it is really bad, or aggravating, like YTBLSS, I just found the first couple of episodes kind of been-there-done-that "bleh" and never went back.

I tried to watch the finale just to see how it ended up, but it just got too much over the top for me, so never got past 20 minutes or so. I liked the ending.